I'm feel like I'm getting closer to the next step of healing

I'm feel like I'm getting closer to the next step of healing, I had saved the messages i found and had with the trmp my husband cheated with, and I'm super close to hitting the delete all button. I saved them so if i left, I could read them a hundred time to help me hate my husband (childish maybe, but hey it made sense at the time). My husband has shared so much with me. Like how he missed me when I was gone. After I left, he said he would just sit and cry... I ask him point blank questions and without hesitation or trying to minimize it, he answers me. I asked if she contact him, would he tell me, he said yes. I asked if he would engage her in conversation, he said maybe general, but i really don't want to talk to her. I could have talked to her every day when you were gone, but i didn't. I talked to her once. over the fall, he asked me if I was still thinking about leaving, my answer was not as much as i used to. He looked me in they eyes and said, I understand, but you need to know, i only want you, I'm 100% dedicated to you and us.
I'm afraid to get too comfortable.....

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Feb 23

@Leahzan thank you, it does feel like it. Finally.

stepbystep2021's picture

Well done to you for having such strength! I wish you both ongoing strength and courage

Feb 24

@stepbystep2021 thank you. I'm not sure i would be this far if it wasn't for this group.


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