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Im bad so bad that i want to go to church ! i feel like i

Im bad so bad that i want to go to church ! i feel like im heart is getting filled with hate because of my husbands affair. after 10 years of my life with him. ITS OVER,. ! long story short really short because its long. a female claims that she is pregnant by my husband, long story short he tells me he thinks thats not his baby and he doesnt see her or the kid ( mind you baby is about to be 2 month on the 9th ) . long short short our living situation isnt the best right now. long story short he calls me yesterday after work that we might see each other, but if not he is busy trying to make money . long story short i call him after work nothing his phone is off. long story short im riding the bus home with my moms and i hear a baby cry i hurt around and the people with the baby are hiding their face. i right away noticed the shoes i bought my mark *** husband and i go to them and tell them wtfffff is going on and they are so doped out idk he doesnt say ****. i start telling everyone on the buss how i gave him my 10 years, and i tell the female i have nothing against her but why is he lying to me then going behind my back to play daddy.. ohhhhh and we have NO KIDS TOGETHER !!! IM AM BEYOND HEART BROKEN. THAT IM HERE IN NEED OF A SUPPORT GROUP. after work i plan to go to church. please dont be rude to my post or post negative comments. thank you for your time to read my story.

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Notruth's picture
Dec 4

I pray that you are able to heal and take the time you need to see the right path for you.

Dec 5

thank you guys. all of you guys this is day 2 with this pain and its all i think about

Dec 6

Oh my goodness! I'm so very sorry for your pain! What a horrible way to discover truth! Why should you feel bad and what does bad have to do with going to church? I go to church to find love and support and get hugs from people with skin on-cause cyberhugs only go so far! Wish you were nearby so I could give you a real HUG. One day at a time, my friend...and with the holidays coming, may I suggest you find some people with skin on that can love on you and give you hope during the holidays? Find those who won't judge and maybe won't even talk if you don't want to. Those that will pray with you, listen to you, go to a movie or holiday concert with you-and walk this out with you. Meanwhile, we are here and I will be praying! Oh-last thought...this isn't your fault!!! I don't care how discontent he might have been-there's literally no excuse for cheating. So-don't overthink and beat yourself up with the shoulda, coulda, woulda's. Voice of experience here. Bottom line-he made the choices to cheat, and this is not your fault! HUGS

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