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I'm 27 months in from dday. I will tell you the emotions are

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I'm 27 months in from dday. I will tell you the emotions are not such a train wreck anymore. But I will also tell you the relationship is much different. I won't say better because I'm not sure yet. I'm noticing my husband's flaws a lot more and still figuring out me. For you the betrayed the ball is in your court. As hard as it is to imagine your marriage is over you have to at least look at that option. If your wayward is gaslighting or blame shifting or trying to push it under the rug this isn't remorse. This is justifying what they did. For those of you who are dealing with multiple affairs I can't imagine what you are going through because I won't do that. I deserve better than that. Everyone deserves respect and that means if they want to be involved with someone else they need to let you go. They like their comfy lifes so if they can continue to cheat and keep everything else the same they will.

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Oct 7

I am 17 months from DDay, our relationship is better but it will never be the same again. I do not have as many flashbacks now and I could care less about the ow, she means nothing to me and I know my husband never wants to have anything to do with her again. But I am still mad that he cheated. He is trying very hard to prove to me that he loves me but it is not the same. I wonder how I will feel in another year. I guess only time will tell.

Oct 9

@Floored yes, and while you get through that time. Focus on you keep moving forward!

Oct 9

@trytoforgive I am trying, it is a daily battle.


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