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I'd like to see show of hands here... How many BS here thin

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I'd like to see show of hands here...
How many BS here think their WS will never cheat again?
If not, why?
* I'm writing your names down for your future posts references* :)

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Feb 10

@Panna1 I apologize if I came across that way. I have read the original comment. Don't feel like you have to edit any comment as you can see people cheaters or not take offense to anything. This is a place that people can discuss openly how they feel. Im sure we have all said something that others took offense to its human nature. I didn't mean to offend you with my response like I said I truly appreciate the forwardness and the straight up responses whether I agree with it or not. Again I apologize if I offended you.

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Feb 11

@Lightless and @Panna1 , thank you for your commitment to being kind to all. Especially here, we need to be safe. We need to be free to express ourselves, for the things we share here have no where else to be shared in our so-called Real Lives. We also need to be kind, and forgiving, and loving, and generous... the very things betrayers failed to give, to be, to express. We need to "be the change we wish to see in the world." You're on the right path. PS: If a betrayed says something that might offend a betrayer, the betrayer should take a good hard look in the mirror. If the comment mean and coming out of hurt and pain? Then the betrayer should consider that the comment is coming from a place of pain and is not about them, it's about a wounded man or woman reflecting inward pain. If the comment is factual or a perspective, then the betrayer needs to consider that their pain and first reaction may be self-protective (normal), but also that there may be a hard truth to face. We can all learn here, share here, grow in understanding here.

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Feb 12

Personally, I'm long past the point of giving a sh*t about what she's doing, who she's doing it with, if she's happy, if she's not, so is there an option C - couldn't care less?


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