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I wish there was a way that the cheaters could really feel w

I wish there was a way that the cheaters could really feel what we go through. I do not think any amount of counseling could make them truly understand the pain, scars, ptsd, and trust issues they have caused us. Its not fair and it sucks

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Rebuilding trust is a takes time...honest people have nothing to hide so it's good that he is willing to understand how you feel and help rebuild trust...


@Floored just ignore that comment...your words, experiences, and feelings are helpful to me and others


@tim001 I agree to a degree...I do feel like I lost him...I do feel like what we had is dead...I do feel like what brought us together is forever I do feel like there was a death...I'm trying to find what we have left or what can be new to rebuild on... sometimes when we do things we used to do together and I'm trying to feel the joy I once did when we were doing those things BEFORE her, I get disappointed that the feeling is dead and not there bc I know we used to really enjoy that activity...I guess I'm still in the I don't know phase...he's as happy as can be says things like, "I've got exactly what I wanted back"...and..."no one could EVER replace you"..."I'm glad to be eating your meals again bc I feel healthy again"...I'm glad he says nice things but the feelings n thoughts I have inside don't match how I think I should feel...he let her cook in my home on my stove using my pots and pans and the groceries I put in the pantry... sometimes when he says nice things I want to snap back at him things like, "ohhhhh, her attempt at making red beans and rice wasn't like mine bc she's not from there nor has any clue what they're supposed to taste like"...he left a pot of her red beans in the refrigerator and I had to clean them didn't even have sausage in it...but as soon as he says something nice about my cooking I immediately think about how she was in my kitchen trying to be ME...I immediately think of her...his compliment to me automatically becomes about HER...I can't even enjoy a compliment! I'm guessing that this experience is actually typical and normal but it's been a month and a half since I've been back and it's still happening...when does it stop and fade away

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