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I was putting up my nativity set and some of my Christmas vi

I was putting up my nativity set and some of my Christmas village. Unfortunately, this also gave me too much time to think. I started thinking whether they were laughing at me for not knowing about the 2 of them. I can just see her saying "so your wife still doesn't know about me huh? How stupid is she" Idk if this happened but it could have. ALso she must have been with him some of the times I was calling him because we would talk all the time, and she obviously was listening to our conversations. I'm trying to keep calm and not start crying . I want to stop thinking about this. Whenever this comes up again I will ask him, but it feels really bad thinking about this.

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devastatedinptbo's picture
Dec 6, 2018

@Merphurts Well clearly she is not very happy in her own life ... or she would not have been seeking the attention of your husband! And since your husband wanted to save his marriage after you found out, she knows you are the one he actually loves.
And since her husband was not told, it is unlikely anything in her situation since the affair has changed or improved, so she is probably either looking for attention elsewhere still, or just stuck feeling unhappy and sorry for herself.

Dec 6, 2018

both my H and his f'k buddy told me they talked about me. She was a close friend of mine, so she wanted to let me know that he thought i was a perfect wife, one of the nicest people he knew, that we had a great marriage...but i don't know if that was before they went down on each other or after. Oh and to make me feel better they only did it once, but they did it all, manual, oral, and intercourse.... now let me tell you how special that makes me feel. Unfortunately, it's not worse in my head.

Merphurts's picture
Dec 6, 2018

@devastatedinptbo Yes she probably is not happy in her own life. My h said that the OW's husband saw my husbands name ( and probably conversation) show up on her Whatsapp and he asked who is this man? I said did she tell him the 2 of you were fu$$$ng? my h said idk what she told him but the Ow's husband said he was going to call my H to ask him what he wants with his wife, but he never called.


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