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I was laying with my husband this morning before he left for

I was laying with my husband this morning before he left for work (I of course initiated the cuddling) and then all of a sudden graphic images of him having sex with the OW and them kissing came into my mind. I immediately felt sick and wanted to pull away and cry but I was afraid that would start a fight so I just laid there feeling sick. When will this feeling go away? It’s constant!! It’s been about 2.5 months since he finally admitted to the affair.

Nov 9

Two months is awfully early. Give yourself time, and test the waters as to what your physical limits are. Build intimacy again with non-sexual touching and expression. It just takes a long time to move through this. God bless you.

Nov 9

It is early in your healing. Yes, they start to wane in frequency and in power. They come less often and you can shut them out. It is a process. When those bad thoughts and mind movies pop in, I would imagine a giant lasso and grabbing them up and tossing them out of my mind. Another thing I would do is change my setting, environment. Without upsetting your husband, casually go into another room, start doing a project, change what your focus is on.


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