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I thought I had seen it all I just read a story on a diff

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I thought I had seen it all

I just read a story on a different infidelity website where a guy just found out that his wife is having a serious emotional affair with .... wait for it ..... with an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot -

true story - I kid you not

The world has gone mad -

and I'm going to need therapy after reading that story because my right eye still won't stop twitching


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May 23

@Limp - My mother had an old saying " You might get by - but you can't get away!"
I truly believe that we receive what we give in this life - and you are right - Your Narc H is simply building his own bomb which will eventually blow up in his own face.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this -
but I'm also glad to hear that something I said put a smile on your face.

Hang in there - you're going to be ok - sending strength and prayers your way! :)

May 23

@FaithfulFather - Thank you so much, I do appreciate it and helps me to go on. Oh yes, How true, I really hope its a massive nuclear bomb ha ha.

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May 23

Wow! Just wow!


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