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I think my husband is cheating, yet when I ask him he says n

I think my husband is cheating, yet when I ask him he says no. would it be wrong for me to go thru his phone. does anyone of how to track text messages or phone calls on a cellphone without the other person knowing. how much does a PI cost.

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Nov 14

This is how I found out about my husband of 14 years cheating. I felt something was wrong. I went through his att and reversed the numbers on FB. I found her. She came clean bc he said he was separated. He brought her in our home several times when I was working nights. In our bed with our kids in the home. My gut was right.

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Nov 14

@Betrayedmomof4 so sorry that's horrible

Nov 14

I would look. There is a reason you feel this way, your instincts usually tell you something. I check our phone bill every month since finding out and he knows it. If I were you, I would look.


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