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I need to end an emotional affair of about 5 years, but I ca

I need to end an emotional affair of about 5 years, but I can't bring myself to do it. I love the man I've been having the affair with, but the cold, hard reality is that I doubt I'd be able to survive financially without my husband. I have been married to him for a long time, and I didn't even realize I was capable of loving anyone like this before I met the man I need to end things with. I try so hard to support myself, but I have a passel of mental health issues that make it necessary for me to work from home. I finally found a decent (not great) job that I can do from home, but it's still technically a freelance role, and there is no guarantee of long-term job security, no retirement plan, medical insurance, or anything like that. I really worry what my future would be like if I left my husband, because I know it's highly unlikely that I'll ever have a job that offers me those things. I know that being able to survive has to supersede my emotions, but it is just so **** painful. I can't bring myself to end things with the man I'm in love with. I don't know what to do.

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Aug 9

@pickone Good advice. Well said.

Aug 9

@Scat I agree with your advice as well. But one thing that I don’t agree with is telling him she can never see him again. No one knows what the future holds, or where it will lead us. She doesn’t know how her husband will feel after he knows the truth. She doesn’t know how she’ll feel if she earnestly works on healing and growing as a person. Right now she feels that she love the OM, which may change later on. So instead of thinking she can never see him again, it’s better to leave the possibilities open, put the relationship issues on hold, and focus on her healing for now. That’s my opinion........


@justanothermember stop the affair. No good can come from it.


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