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I need some suggestions. I am going to a family wedding in a

I need some suggestions. I am going to a family wedding in a few weeks. The very last thing I would like to do but I have to attend. When I first knew about the wedding I thought I will skip the actual ceremony at the church and attend only the reception. I thought a night out with dinner, drinks and dancing I could handle. The church and watching a couple say their wedding vows would just kill me inside. Well unknown to me this wedding and reception is all happening at the same venue. I told my H I want to show up late to try to skip the ceremony and he just rolled his eyes at me. I said I can not watch someone take their wedding vows. I can't do it. He said well we can't just show up late how would that look. I said I don't care how it looks. God I am so sick of all of this stuff. None of his family knows about his affair. So he gets to walk in like the same old guy and I am the wounded wife carrying his baggage. He seems to be more worried about himself than me on this matter. I really don't know if I can go and do this. I don't know maybe I will just be sick that day.

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Dec 6

@sarah2018a Oh your MIL sounds like a real peach. Bless her heart. Thanks for sharing.

Dec 6

@chasethetruth Or, you don't have to say anything at all if they ask. A mentor told me once, "you don't owe any one an explanation." Just food for thought.

Dec 6

I willukd feel the EXACT same way and want to arrive after the ceremony. I believe that is fair considering the circumstances.


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