I need help getting past the tremendous guilt after having t

I need help getting past the tremendous guilt after having the affair but staying in my marriage. Anyone else?

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Mar 21

You need to tell your H. By keeping this secret you are continuing to lie to him about who you are, and what you have done. It will only be worse when he finds out later, after you kept lying for even longer. Trust us - we have all been there. You do not have the right to keep this secret. He deserves to know who he is married to and to decide if he wants to stay with the real you. Not the person you are pretending to be with him. So do I judge you for having the affair - maybe not. But for continuing to lie - you bet I do! It makes you a coward, a liar, and someone too afraid to take the consequences of their actions, but who prefers to rather hurt the innocent person they profess to love. Because make no mistake - your secret is hurting your H.

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Mar 21

@Kelly7777 You must tell your husband or this will end pretty badly.
Do you really love your husband if youre going to be putting him through this? Or continue it by not telling him and letting him heal?
The marriage is a lie at this point

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3 hours ago

Hi Kelly,

We find ourselves in situations that either force us away or simply bring us together closer. I did that and I hurt my best friend and partner in ways I never can repair. I did thou find out that opening myself to her worked best, she will never forget but working on the pain daily sooths the pain.... I hurt daily coz I did what I did. I didn't just have an affair, I was addicted to sex, pleasing others.... Be open and take it from there.


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