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I know people will say I'm wrong and it takes a strong perso

I know people will say I'm wrong and it takes a strong person to stay rather than leave but that's not how I am feeling right now. I feel stupid and weak and a loser for staying. I am too weak to leave.i spent most of the day on Tuesday (with my luggage ready) with my husband trying to convince me not to leave. He told me not to do something stupid over something that's not happening.(meaning he's not seeing or talking to her). He said it's been over for about 2 years and he doesn't give a s$$t about her and he even forgot about her. He said he thought we we starting to move on and things were better between us. Since Tuesday he's been very happy and making plans for the future while I'm sitting here yet again thinking if I should stay or leave.

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Mar 19

@MrBrains Again, disagree. It’s not the same relationship, yes. It’s a new one. It has to be built from ground up, addressing issues that were present in the old relationship all while dealing with the trauma and hurt of the betrayal. Not easy or comfortable. I really don’t think you understand at all.

Mar 19

@Devastatedhusband Thank you for the compliments, it makes me feel better. I am so happy that things are getting better for you. As for me, I am trying. I try to distract myself and everytime I think of them i try and remember him saying he doesnt give a s$$t about her and he even forgot about her and it gives me a boost that everything will be allright and he doesnt want to be with her. I had fun today , i went shopping at an outlet mall and my h told me to go enjoy myself and even called to see how my shopping was going. I know he is trying .

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Mar 21

Infidelity is like a cancer. Even if it is over, it will always be there. It will pop up again in the form of lack of trust, suspicion, fear, anger, depression and anxiety. Though my WS passed away 14 years ago, what I found out about her infidelity afterwards has kept me from getting involved again. I have absolutely no trust left in me, and I fear getting into another bad relationship


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