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I just found out that my husband had been cheating on me for

I just found out that my husband had been cheating on me for almost 2 years. It started after we had our first son. He always said he was working late and towards tBout a month before I found out he really started acting different and would drink 24/7 but he would say it’s just we grew apart and there’s no love anymore. I tried to work on it a week later my sister friend calls her and tells her that my husbands been cheating on me and the girl is telling everyone he’s leaving me for her and they are going to get married. I confronted both of them they denied everything , but in my gut I believed it so I kicked him out . We continued to talk And he still denied anything sexual and said it was more of an emotional relationship she was a great friend. He came back and we decided to work on us he cut all communication with her and this got her upset so she sent out messages about the truth they were being intimate and they had a relationship. He apologized and said he really regret everything it was the alcohol and he was also using coke heavily . We were trying one day he drank a little too much and reached out to her again , so when he came home I called her and I made him make a choice , he chose her and I kicked me out again. The next day the apologies began stating he hates confrontation and he just said that so he could leave , I ignored told him we could co parent . We continued to talk and every day he would beg to take him back and he completely stopped doing coke and drinking , also stopped all forms of communication with her . He’s really been trying to show remorse , we do therapy but I’m not sure if I let him back in too quickly. There’s moments where I forget and all see is this great guy I married but other day I just want to run away . I see he’s trying he’ll communicate with me more instead avoiding conflict which he’s always done , and will come home right after work , take care of out son and help me with whatever I need and I appreciate it but I look at him and sometimes all I see is the infidelity. I still have all the prof and I do go back and look at it a lot I’m not sure if that’s making the situation worse. I also tend to bring it up a lot and he’ll talk about it but I feel like he still down plays it because he says in his head it was not a relationship but since he was on something it was easy for him to avoid coming home and just go have fun , but he never ment anything he said to her , he would just say things to shut her up and I don’t know if I should believe it or if it even matters he still did what he did . He chose to prioritize drunks , alcohol and this other woman. ( a little back story when all this happened I had started my masters program was working full time and had a baby so all my attention did go to those three things and I felt overwhelmed and I asked for help he did at times but majority of time he wouldn’t so I did stop asking for anything and we distanced our selves , I’m not trying to excuse what he did but that’s y he said he looked for comfort he wasn’t getting at home )

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Aug 2

Unfortunately that’s what I feel as well by me stating he really isn’t realizing what damage he did to us, although he says he does and is trying to change in my mind I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be ok with it. While he was cheating he treated me diff he was very distant and drinking all the time so that’s what he blames it on. It might be because it’s too recent but idk if I’m just wasting my time trying

Aug 2

That’s what I always said as well if I ever found out , but it makes it soo hard because of my son and because we been together for 10 years married for 7 , it’s hard for me to just leave him even though he broke me. But I do see a change and that’s what’s stopping me from just leaving right now, but maybe I should... It’s just all so confusing

Aug 2

@JazminCeja he deceived you and it wouldn’t matter if the affair was for two second. Your husband left a bad example for your son to follow, you want your son to know adultery will not be tolerated.


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