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I have been trying to deal with my wife's affair. I found sh

I have been trying to deal with my wife's affair. I found she is still texting the guy, she swears that is all it is, that the buzz cover her grief. She lost her sister and her mother is very unwell. She has agreed to get counselling. How do I cope, when there is a real possibility that at the end of her counselling she may leave. I can forgive the affair but the constant doubt I feel is crippling me.

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Sep 19

@kisobel I know I should let this go, but I can't hold my tongue. You are wrong. Bigotry is actually intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself, which is exactly what you are doing. I do not agree with MrBrains on really anything, but silencing him is not the answer. Alternate viewpoints are healthy for self reflection.
It seems you have an issue with him clumping all women together, so do I. But he also clumps all men together as well, and that doesn't seem to bother you at all. Why is that? I'm assuming you have had him kicked out of SG as all his posts are gone. Congrats on shutting down someone who doesn't agree with you. You are doing a disservice to reasonable discussion.

Sep 19

@livefornow I dont know . . . if bigotry is defined as intolerance of anyone whose views are different than one's self, I would say Mr. Brains fit that description. Not saying he should have been removed for that, but his repetitiousness and condescention was getting old . . .not very supportive for the mission of this website. I don't think anyone actually believed most of his bullshit. Hopefully he will find a choir he can preach to. I do wish him well.

Sep 24

Let me ask, if her infidelity occurred because of her recent loss? What will she turn to in the future when she experiences other stressful life events? Infidelity is a behavioral trait that tends to repeat itself without consideration of others..... just a thought, been there, ended it before it repeats itself once again taking another mental trauma toll on me.......


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