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I have been struggling again, we have a family vacation comi

I have been struggling again, we have a family vacation coming up that happens every year, and the OW, his ex, reached out to him due to a picture I posted on FB of our youngest and my husband. Then, last week, she reached out to my husband through his business FB page because he has blocked her everywhere else. I have always prided myself in my perseverance, I could get through anything, but this has just completely knocked me back and it is like I am having to deal with everything I have been through all at once. My husband has been amazing in trying to help me through this, and grant it, not everything I am going through is his fault, some was from before I met him, but I just can't get past if I will ever be good enough. He says he would have never left me, but then why did he have to go somewhere else? Can I not meet all his needs? I just can't stop my mind from racing.

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Jul 15

Your husband should of reacted with don't care.

Jul 17

What a difficult situation you are facing! I am so sorry! Have you had a chance to sit down with your husband and discuss your feelings? It sounds like you have set some good boundaries. Are you and your husband on the same page with that? Is there any way you can block her from reaching out on his business FB page, e.g can he restrict anyone from posting on the page? Have you or are you currently in counseling? That may help you in dealing with the emotional fallout this OW is causing. Wishing you the best as you continue to fight for your marriage.

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Jul 18

For me when I found out what my H did, I felt I wasn’t enough too. He went outside our marriage. But through my own counseling I’m learning to love myself again. I even got a tattoo on my wrist that says I’m enough. And I look at it all the time. We are all enough. This didn’t happen because of us. You are enough @winterpixie


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