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I found this written by Joaquin Sabina, a cool singer from S

I found this written by Joaquin Sabina, a cool singer from Spain, it says..."The best way to get rid of someone that has hurt you, from your heart, is to let slowly let it die in your mind. Don't say it's name, don't call or write to it, don't look for it, don't think of it, let it slowly go away...yes, grieve for that, feel it for what it was, cry for it, suffer for it, just don't do it eternally".
I hope someone find solace on these words, many times people are not worth the trouble of fixing a broken relationship, and the signs of it are always visible, it is just up to us to see them.

Hixyz's picture
Jun 18

Thank you. This is shouting at me to let go of my obsession with comparing myself to the ow. Nothing good will ever come from it and I will heal much faster if I stop.

Jun 19

I am glad. Let me know if you need more support !


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