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I find that I am more sensitive than before to my husband's

I find that I am more sensitive than before to my husband's BS. Before the affair I would let many things go but I don't anymore. I have the feeling that it's not good. I feel that it puts a lot of strain on our relationship. I also tell him off indirectly. Yesterday he was getting ready for a shower. He was listening to a story where a 57 year old man got conned by a 28 year old woman. The man was suing her. My husband said something like " she should pay him some money back but it's also his fault for believing that, that woman loved him. It's like me believing a young woman who would say she loves me" so I said " but men do this all the time. They believe a young woman because she strokes their ego and it's so good. And the man thinks he's so great" he didn't say anything,he just said " ok. I'm going to take a shower " I don't know if I should be giving these subtle hints. This was the second time in as many days that I did that. I usually don't say anything but I saw this as an opportunity to tell him off. Any thoughts?

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devastatedinptbo's picture
Apr 17

@backtonormal Thanks for sharing your success!

WinterPixie's picture
Apr 17

@backtonormal Thank you for that, posts about success remind me what I am working for. I am so happy for the place that you are in with your husband.

Apr 27

@Merphurts, I do that stuff all the time because I was never allowed to speak about my pain but was stifled and shut down. : (


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