I feel like I am going crazy, I am trying to trust my husba

I feel like I am going crazy, I am trying to trust my husband but it is very hard especially after all of the infidelities, I make matters worse when I keep looking on the social media site of the last person he had an affair with that I know of because she keeps posting things suggesting that my husband and her are still messing around. My husband appears to be trying to change and even has changed his number and closed his social media page and does more things with me, I however find it hard to believe and trust him-how can I go on?

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Sep 13

@Snsa yes you are correct and he has cut off all communication, now I need to do the same. She is posting things knowing that it will get under my skin, I can't feed into it anymore!

Sep 14

@Posttraumawife seriously you can't feed into it. Our MC would say, stop letting her rent a space in your head, and that's exactly what she was doing, and it was driving me crazy. I had to let go or eventually I would have lost it. After my husband's ow found out that she was essentially cut off from us, that's when the crazy came out. It's a control thing for these people. She likes knowing she can get to you, and she wants your h. Don't let her get to you, just stay focused on your family and all the efforts your h is making and things will start making more sense. With time, it'll get easier. You don't forget, but it gets easier to move forward towards forgiveness

Sep 17

Thank you, time heals everything, I can't wait to be healed!!!


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