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I feel like I’m living a lie. No one in my life knows what

I feel like I’m living a lie. No one in my life knows what I’m going through. I don’t want anyone to know about my husbands infidelity because I think it makes me look bad. Also, if we can work through it I don’t want anyone to think less of my marriage or my husband. So every day I put on a mask and pretend everything is fine. Thanksgiving was the hardest being surrounded by his family. It certainly makes me feel lonely and fake. Anyone else feel this way?

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Dec 7

You got this!
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

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Dec 10

@devastatedinptbo Sorry - I missed this reply! I have been trying to get out there more, but it can be difficult to meet people who are interested in making new friends. I have moved around a lot in my life and have had a lot of toxic friendships in the past. I have friends, but no deep relationships with them, just casual work friends. I’m a bit of an introvert, which doesn’t help!


Dear Bigred6556, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. I’m truly sorry that you are dealing with such difficult situation. These forums are great for sharing burdens, and venting. It is understandable for what you are saying that you feel betrayed because marriage is a commitment that is a relationship which involved exclusivity between husband and wife. However, please do not be discouraged, even in the darkest moments in our lives there’s always hope. Try not to think that you have to wear a mask, but rather focus on that there are ways to help your husband. Have you thought of seeking counseling or therapy to help diagnose what is causing infidelity in the marriage? Counseling or therapy works through things like this. You and your husband are valuable and worth of fighting for. There may be wounds from his childhood that can also be a reason for his behavior. Have you ever heard of when couples get married they bring their own luggage? That does mean that they bring wounds from their own family. This is going to be exposed when they start living together. I encourage you do not allow that the anger blind you and ruin the relationship with your husband. Brave couples seek for help outside the marriage. I encourage you do not judging him and try to fight for your marriage instead to your husband. Hang in there! I hope this helps. Sending you hugs. I will keep you in my prayers, my friend.

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