I feel a little bit better today. I was married for 28 years

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I feel a little bit better today. I was married for 28 years and two months ago I found out that my wife has been cheating on me and is on several websites. I actually got bold enough and called one of the gentleman his number I found and he confirmed that she was setting up meetings at motels and such. I cared and loved this woman with everything I had for 28 years and I would have laid my life down in an instant if I knew it would save her. I've been trying to figure out where I went wrong what I did wrong and it got so bad in the last 2 months I've tried to commit suicide twice. The man in the picture is not the man I am today I can't hold my head up. And I don't even want to go out in public hardly. I have talked with precious intervention and they suggested that I join a group like this with people have been through similar incidents. I just don't even know who I am or what I'm doing anymore.

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Feb 28

Understand as a man we usually make our job and marriage our identity when we lose either it’s like part of our identity is taken. Know that you did nothing wrong to make her cheat it was her own selfish disgusting act you did nothing to make her do this. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of cause this is her actions and the only thing you must do now is figure out where to go from here. You can love someone and do everything in the world right be the best husband/ wife in the world and your spouse can still cheat cause it’s a selfish act that their weak will and selfishness talks them into.

Feb 28

Hang in there @BrokenButConscious. You didn't cause this, you didn't choose this. Take some time to grieve and process. I'm not the woman I was before, and I'm not the woman I was right after I found out about my husband, but I'm getting stronger and better. Get into IC as fast as you can. Eat right. Exercise. Call a trusted friend or family member to talk. All those things WILL help, and this site will, too.

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Feb 28

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!! My cheating husband try to put the blame on me last night!!! Not going to put in on ME!!!! I was the one who caught him with his pants down~a year ago!!! And here I am trying to deal with it and trying to make our broken marriage work....It's not working....dazed and confussed!!! Sorry for all of us that is dealing with this heartache....Hang in there...Has to better days sometime!!!!


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