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i can't stop the tighening of my chest as I have to much tim

i can't stop the tighening of my chest as I have to much time to think and stay in my own head, about my wife and the man she has told me she has feelings for (also married). She told me she is no longer interested in me sexual follow up by she still loves me. She says she confused but when i ask questions about her confusion she uses absolutes to describe her feelings. Every time I know they could be or are together even if they not, all i think is how she is cheating on me because she wants to be with him, her aka best friend the one she has feelings for. She tells me all the time that they haven't done anything and doesn't want me to question him about things. She is nervous and I feel like she is lying. This is breaking my heart. The pain in my chest hurts

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Dec 5

@Kas1966 And I supported you in case you need anything.

Dec 7

Look, this is how I know it's an affair. In my first marriage to my ex I had an affair. Most of the relationship was no sex. It was more emotional than sex. So the con job of saying it's just friends is bee ess. The fact it has to be a secret from the other two spouses says it all. It's based on lies and secrecy. It's very unhealthy. I think the other spouse deserves to know the truth and that you should talk to the other guy. But that's just my silly opinion. I'd blow it out of the water.

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Dec 8

I agree to listen to your gut. If she doesn't want to be w/ you intimately it is because she may feel to do so would be cheating on him since she loves him. she's done a flip. You are the best friend and he is the lover. She doesn't want to hurt you but she doesn't realize she already has. Sorry :(


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