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I can't believe I did this again, and he promised he would l

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I can't believe I did this again, and he promised he would leave if I did... It wasn't enough to stop me. He promised to pack his bags and leave, but I'm lucky enough that he didn't, and he's actually been into me sexually a lot more. We made love three times today, so I think he's forgiven me a little. All of my affairs were online sex chat role-playing, and it was a thrill for me. I loved being called pretty... Still, I have had several emotional affairs, and I can't help but think of going into one even now as I write this. No one feels sorry for the cheater though.

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Jul 17

@MrBrains Exactly!

Jul 17

thanks for confirming the saying, "Once a cheater, always a cheater"

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Jul 17

@Lostinnumbness yep, same thought


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