I can feel the anger starting to replace the sadness. Not co

I can feel the anger starting to replace the sadness. Not completely but it is definitely there lurking. The thing I can’t stop thinking about though is that if I do decide to be strong and walk away, I’m the one that ends up alone, the one that has to start over, the one that has to live in a house by myself that I never would have wanted and can’t afford?!? I just cannot handle the unfairness of it all!!!

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May 31

Been there, and even the starting over. I have moved states away with 2 children, and then out on my own twice, so I know how alone it can feel. I have a counselor that has been helping me work through the baggage, so that I can finally feel like I can move forward. I pray and seek GOD's peace, which helps me greatly.

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Jun 1

I’m in the same boat. What to do? Starting over is hard and scary and being alone is real scary

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Jun 1

I am trying SO HARD to try to figure out if I really WANT to stay in this relationship or if I am just scared of starting over?!? We have an eighteen year history?!? How can someone new compete with that?!? And I don’t even know how to make a genuine connection with someone these days? But at the same time, how can I just forgive her?!? Not that she is even going to “pick” me?!? I just can’t deal with this. I am literally a complete mess all day every day and I don’t know what to do??? I hope you are able to find some sort of peace?!?


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