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I am struggling because a couple of weeks ago, I found out m

I am struggling because a couple of weeks ago, I found out my husband is having an emotional affair. The other woman is someone he works with. My husband and her both say nothing physical happened, only texts and phone calls for about 2 months My husband was lying to me, saying he had to go in to work for someone for an entire weekend, this was 3 weeks ago. He was actually sitting in his parked car a mile away from our home at Meijer talking in the phone to her. She us also married and decided to take off for the weekend out of state with a friend, and so she could have hours long conversations with my husband. My husband came to me and confessed when he received a text from her husband, he knew something was up and was tracking her phone calls. He was headed to our house to tell me, so my husband did not tell me because it was right, he told me because they were caught. Im devastated. 14 years, 2 children. I cannot seem to get over this. I do believe, after speaking to her husband, that there wasn't physical contact, but my husband told me they had been planning to meet that at a restaurant but he couldn't do it. We have decided to try and work it out, although I feel stupid for even giving him that chance, but our kids....they heard the fighting and they are teenagers so they understand. I feel like they will be so angry with me because he doesn't want a divorce, I dont want them paying rhe price for this. All day long I wonder does he see her, talk to her, miss her. We always had a good marriage, now Im heartbroken. I dont have any oarents, no family Im close to. Im too embarrassed and ashamed to reach out to friends. Im all alone.

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May 14

You and your kids shouldn't have to change a thing. He's the problem and needs a new job and therapy. Your daughter's school situation is a separate issue. He's not allowed to use your distraction, on your daughter, as an excuse.

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May 14

@Scat yes need to get rubber band with spikes

May 16

I’m so sorry that you are going through this. My heart breaks for you and your family. It may seem like a devastating situation right now, but know that there is hope for you and your husband. Your marriage can survive. I went through pretty much the same situation several years ago with my husband. I was pregnant with our second child when I found out he was talking and texting several women without my knowledge. Our relationship had gotten to the point where he was done and wanted a separation or divorce. Family and friends tried to reason with him, but he was adamant. I, along with others, prayed and prayed that God would change his heart. Literally, the day he was going to move out, not only did he change his mind about leaving, his eyes opened to the error of his ways. He apologized for putting me and our son through everything and we are still together now after 20 years! Your marriage can heal from this but it will take a lot of hard work from both of you. Communication is essential for a successful marriage. I would also suggest that you reach out to a counselor or a pastor; someone you can talk to so your emotions are not all bottled up. If you need help finding someone, here is a link to a list of counselors within the US: Finally, discover your source of strength – whether it’s your faith or someone you look up to – and bond closer to it. This strength can help carry you through the weaker times. I will be praying for you and your marriage. Stay strong – you will be ok. *Hugs*

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