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I am so hurt and lost the thoughts of them consume me. I ha

I am so hurt and lost the thoughts of them consume me. I have been through pics and can pin point the times they were together over the last three years. How do you not abscess over it? I have questioned him for detail after detail and he is being honest but refuses to say the relationship was love. That he cared as a person and friend and stayed hoping she would get tired but THREE Years?? Attempting suicide twice and threatening him is not a reason to me. His exact words "the less and less time I gave her i figured she would get tired and i would not get caught. I didn't want to risk losing us. I just don't understand how he walks away now after 3 years and doesn't think about her!

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Jul 11


Cheating doesn’t apply to one sex, I felt the pain of my wife having an emotional affair. I struggle with the same thing....since I found out things between her and I have been great. Better than ever. But I have a lot of trouble trusting her and I don’t know if I’ll ever get that back.

Jul 12

@crowningglory19 I have prayed there is a reason god bought this to light after I married him because if it were before I would be gone with no hesitation.

Jul 12

@Floored I dont get it he admitted he cared for her but will not admit he loved her even though he told her back. Soo that caring doesn't just go away!


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