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I am really struggling with getting trust back: (1) he got h

I am really struggling with getting trust back: (1) he got his own place- which I think was for the better as we start to heal and try and repair things ( we are dating, not married) (2) the OW has been out of the state and comes back May 8
He has told me how incredibly sorry he is, but that he doesn't know how to make me feel better. He does not know what to do/say except that he is a terrible person.

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Apr 16

Unfortunately, I've learned when a person tells you they are terrible, they usually are. And they are playing a sympathy card. Next time he says it tell him that if he says it another time, you'll believe him. Actions are more than words. They sure know how to pursue you and put out every effort to do everything they can to get you then get amnesia about how to keep you. If he wants to keep you then he should be putting forth everything effort under the sun to earn back that respect.

Apr 16

I appreciate and admire your determination to forgive and to stick with him. However, does he truly deserve a woman like you? You are strong to put up with him, and try to work this through. But is that a right use of your strength? It is a gift, but it was also hard won. Becareful in your use of that gift- it is limited and precious, and must be cared for and not wasted or it will wear out! Take care of yourself first. Then you will be able to take care of others.

Apr 16

@SOSAD7117: If I could go back to dating and my husband cheated, I would of wished someone would of told me to leave him. If you are not married and already starting off with infidelity, trust issues, what kind of person is he? Do you truly know? I would go to counseling, maybe that will give you some insight on why he made the choice to cheat? So sorry, I know how you feel and it sucks.


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