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I am really struggling today. Most days things are getting b

I am really struggling today. Most days things are getting better, or maybe I just don't think about it as much, but today I just get this eery feeling that he lied to me about the contact after he told me there was no contact. I have no proof that he did, or no proof that he didn't, he just trickled the information this time and for some reason I can't get it out of my head today. Both she and he said it was nothing more than a friendship contact but her story doesn't match his. I know I can never know what is the truth, but how do I get past it? For those of you that have stayed, do you just stop thinking about it?

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Sep 16

@WinterPixie you have to learn not to " get down on yourself ". Don't get me wrong, this place and it's ppl are great. Just that the type of intervention you are looking for is the one that comes with a positive outlook. Then come here, vent to make sure you're not alone and your feelings are normal. Not getting down on yourself has to come from within. Sorry if it seems deep. Didn't mean it :)

Sep 16

Don't read the most above like I am a soccer coach although it sounds that way. A hint to my age, RIP Ric Ocasek from The Cars. It makes me feel better ever since the 8 track in my vw ( what's an 8 track?). Good feel good music, might be oldies in some ppls minds. Can we choose the day we choose to treat EVERYONE we come in contact that day with the same great treatment we want in return? That's not faith is it?

Sep 17

@WinterPixie , I’m sorry you have trust issues - I do too, and it makes life hard. We don’t get the inspiration we’re looking for because we cannot be honest with people because we cannot trust people - a very discouraging cycle to be sure. That’s where my faith comes in but I understand that you do not want a relationship with someone you do not believe in - cannot blame you for that! If you like to read,there are plenty of inspirational books and websites available and apps for your phone.


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