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I am really struggling. I married a narcissist sociopath an

I am really struggling. I married a narcissist sociopath and she left me high and dry. I've gotten 3yrs of phone records and I can't process seeing this guys phone number w/ MMS and pic video messages. 3 plus years. I catch her texting a guy and she then gets me tossed in jail via domestic abuse (all lies) then comes restraining order and divorce papers. She just did not want to get exposed. She was SO brilliant in all of this and we lived a completely NORMAL life w our kids. I just am incredibly devastated and the hurt just will not go away. I looked thru another set of call records and just can't believe how long this has gone on and WHY at all. Narcissisit people apparently don't care at all and so she married me and didn't love me. I am incredibly depressed and sickened and really just don't have it in me to start over. I can't stop crying and asking God why. I am just really struggling with what has happened to my life when it was all normal and fine or so I thought. Do we ever get over this pain? Multiple men and I'm tossed out like trash.

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May 26

@overberringer I'm amazed how sick and twisted somebody we loved and thought they loved us can treat us so terrible. I'm disappointed in the legal system - haven't seen my kids in months b/c of fake claim against me. Court dates pushed back constantly for I have no idea why. My wife has smeared me so bad she has ppl on her side believing lies about me. People are sick

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May 26

I know what you're going thru is painful brother (trust me I know)...but here's the deal...
You have got to start training your mind to focus on something else, go for a run, start working out, eat and get plenty of sleep. Continue to come here and vent to get the bad thoughts out, it's good therapy.

You married a deceitful woman, welcome to the club, you're not alone! It happens to the best of us brother. She did her worst but now you have an opportunity to prove to her that she's not going to break you and ruin the rest of your life. You have to remain sharp and focused for your kids, they need you.

Document and keep copies of everything. Don't stop praying and when you finish praying, pray harder!
Loyalty and truth are on your side and when the smoke clears you're going to come out this 100 times better than her, even if you can't see it now. Focus on being there when you can for your kids and fight like you know what for your right to be in their lives, you deserve that.

Believe in yourself, you're a good man with a good heart! People and systems will let you down but you're not out by a long shot, keep getting up everyday and pushing forward, you're only out if you give up. Come up with a plan, write it down, make a journal, execute your plan so that by the time this is all over with you will be able to move on and look back and thank her for doing you this fantastic favor.

Sending strength and prayers!

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May 30

I completely agree with you... People have really lost their moral compass... The court systems unfortunately facilitate making things more complicated and more detrimental... Hang in there other people on this group you know exactly what you're going through because most of us are experiencing very similar situations


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