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I am new to this group so here’s a little bit about my sis


I am new to this group so here’s a little bit about my situation ... I’m married 18yrs found out my husband was cheating on me 4
Months ago. We are in counseling and taking it day by day. He is very remorseful and is trying really hard to fix his mistakes. I believe he is sorry however I’m struggling so much to get these awful images and betrayal
Out of my head. It’s eating me up almost everyday. I really want us to work for the sake of our family. We have been great in the past it’s just these past few years we put our marriage on the back burner. Any suggestions or advice how I can move on to feel happy and get the nightmare of all the details out of my head each day??

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Dec 9

My Husband has opened up so much since DD and that is not easy for him. I do know that cheaters have their own pain and for the past 9 months I couldn’t see his pain because I was in my own hell. My Doctor put me on antidepressants about three months ago and it has helped me tremendously, at least the roller coaster ride is not so steep. I understand that my Husband feels so ashamed and hurt at the hurt he has caused me and our Family. My Husband also had dark pain and loneliness that he never shared with me and we have been together 29 years

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Dec 9

Yes. Must have been awful for them. All that gratuitous sex. Too bad the 'bad feelings' they got from it didn't surpass the good. Then they wouldn't have been cheating.


I’m sorry that you are going through. It is understandable all the grief that you have experiencing. It is a good thing that you found him early and he accepts you to take counseling. You and your husband are valuable and worth fighting for. It is a good sign that he truly shows remorse, and try to amends for the good of your marriage. Let me tell you that your husband is humble to take this step. Humility and acceptance is the first step for change and healing. Have you ever thought what forgiveness mean? Forgiveness does not mean that he is doing right but it is that you appreciate more the relationship that you have with him and let go each other differences. However it will not be easy but I’m hopefully both of you can restore your relationship first because if there’s love between you and him I think always there’s second chances, there’s always hope. I encourage to forgive him. Please do not allow that the anger and resentment blind you. Forgiveness will restore your happiness and peace. I do not know if you whether believe in God but I will keep you in my prayers my friend.

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