I am having a hard time tonight. Work got difficult in a way

I am having a hard time tonight. Work got difficult in a way I can't blame myself for but I feel low. I moved out to the country my ex fiancee was from. He's literally a 20 minute drive away and I'm here, and he doesn't want me. Life is hard alone and the one person that would make me feel at ease.. isn't there for me. I feel pretty alone right now. Wish I could reach out, get some comfort.. but the guy I loved told another woman that I sexually assaulted him, on the night he forced himself on me.. the day after he slept iwth her without telling me. The guy I loved that pushed himself on me lied to her and accused me of rape basically. It took me awhile to realize that's what he did.. and luckily the other woman seemed to realize I couldnt, i wouldnt.. i think thats the only thing thats stopping me.. but I am so low. Alone. Feeling like giving up even though I love it and want to make it here so bad.. but life is so hard now.

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Sep 11, 2017

You need to start finding things to do that make YOU happy right now and move on from this relationship. I think that we do get lonely and depressed even getting out of a bad relationship because all the routine we had is gone. You need to start things up again for YOU now and please don't give up on yourself you do matter and I am here if you need to chat. xo


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