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I am falling for a man twice my age and I am married to an i


I am falling for a man twice my age and I am married to an incredible guy. The more I try to push the older man out of my life the more I miss him and the more I want him. He knows I am married and he continues to pursue me. I'm having a very hard time because I desire him so much. I'm definitely emotionally cheating, and he has kissed me. There hasn't been anything beyond that physically though. My husband is such a good man and I know in my heart I do love him, but I've lost all attraction and I constantly fantasize about this other man.

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Aug 9

@Scat These are great ideas for mshel17 and others. Thank you for sharing your story and for your support to mshel17 and others,

Aug 9

@mshel17 I agree with others.....don't cheat!....keep your dignity and self worth. One question, you said you are no longer attracted to your husband right? You probably lost that level of attraction because he no longer acts the way he did in the beginning. He has stopped courting you and has become complacent. He has gotten away from his masculine center. He has become weak, unmotivated, needy, and no longer exhibits confidence. Just speculating......if this is the case, you may have contributed to this. Let me explain. If you are a very strong woman and occasionally take over the man's role, he then is left with no role to play and feels lost in the relationship. People rarely realize that this is happening, but as the roles are reversed, the woman slowly loses her natural attraction. A feminine woman is naturally attracted to a masculine alpha man. You said he is a good man so hopefully you can work things out,....talk to him and tell him how you feel without telling him about the older guy. Maybe he can refocus, make some changes and recapture what you guys once had. Best of luck to you both.

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Aug 11

Ma’am get your ish together. You said so yourself you have DESIRE for the man not love. Do not throw away a treasure for something cheap. This cradle robbing geezer does not respect you bc if he did he would not put u in this predicament. He is a decrepit scoundrel!


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