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I’ve been off from work because of the trauma I’ve had t


I’ve been off from work because of the trauma I’ve had to deal with due to my h secret life. I’m working on putting back together the pieces of my life so that I can return to work emotionally healthy. My coworkers are sending emails asking if I’m ok. What do I say without giving too much information? I understand their concern but it’s too personal to talk about.

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Apr 16

You are doing the right thing....It is very personal in the onset of this trauma.....give it much needed time to figure things out and learn who you can dearly trust speaking to. Most people just want to be part of your dirty little secret....Don't fall for it.

Apr 16

I would write a form letter. Basically thank them for their care and concern. That your dealing with some personal issues, and are worked fb it through but are feeling pretty private and overwhelmed by the support. Tell them you appreciate their concern and will be in touch. You may even want to start a private Facebook group and put up the tidbits you are comfortable being public knowledge. These people care and don’t know how to help. So, tell them to help by giving you space to heal. Reassuring them you’ll reach out, and do, enough to reassure them you will if you want to.

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Apr 16

It's unfair isn't it? On one-hand you want to keep your private life private. On the other hand you want people to know you would never have needed this time off if it hadn't been for your spouse. I always told my wife that if I needed to let someone know why I was acting differently or being reclusive that I would tell that person that my wife and I are working through some personal matters not created by me. I wasn't going to hide it. I've only really had to communicate it once. I also said that we are working through these issues together and are trying to create a stronger marriage. I think the last part is important and can tamp down the rumor mill.


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