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I’m the other woman. I am trying to find someone to share


I’m the other woman. I am trying to find someone to share my story with and be able to be open and honest without judgement. Trust me, anything you’d think about me I’ve already thought about myself. I reached out here before a few years ago and am looking for someone to help me stay accountable. Can I get that here?

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Kas1966's picture
Sep 21

@UnlikelySuspect I pray you find the strength to stop all contact with him. You need to figure out why a fantasy takes precedence over your real life. Is it fear? Is it complacency? Maybe your husband isn't who you thought he was. Its easy living in a fantasy than taking a good hard look at real life.

Dryad's picture
Sep 22

@UnlikelySuspect My husband had 2 affairs that took place online and over the phone. Still shattered me. One thing to consider - I found a LOT of evidence online. What you share online can stay online in ways you don’t realize. I actually have empathy for my husband’s affair partners. He presented them with a wonderful man that was truly a persona he put on for them. In a way, he used them. He told the first one he was single (ouch!) and she must have felt she’d found a potential partner. The second knew about me, but he swore he loved her and then, when he was discovered, he ended the relationship immediately and never spoke to her again. It was the right thing to do, but I’m sure it hurt her. You deserve better than the man you are with, and I think you know that. Have you considered therapy? There must be some insecurity in you that keeps you going back, even though you don’t want to.

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Sep 22

@devastatedinptbo well said! :)


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