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November 19th, 2020


I’m struggling with the final decision of whether or not t

I’m struggling with the final decision of whether or not to leave my wife. I found out almost 2 years ago she was having multiple affairs. She denied until it was impossible to deny any more. During her denial phase, we got pregnant... it is mine, but for a long time I didn’t know.

She never cheated to hurt me. She was depressed and hurting. That alone is the reason I’m still here. But I don’t feel love. Mainly numbness. Don’t really care. If she were to tell me tomorrow she was leaving, I honestly don’t think it would raise my heart beat a single notch. So why don’t I just up and leave?

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Sep 16

Yeah sometimes it takes time to figure it out . I feel that way about my husband, I would be Ok if I was alone, I let him come home because I felt sorry for him and I care about him maybe even love him but not like I did before he cheated. I guess I feel like he is not the person I thought he was. I was completely devoted to him before he betrayed me, now I could live my life with out him if I had to. It sucks to be stuck in this space.

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Sep 16

If you don’t want to be with her anymore then you should end things. You have nothing to feel guilty about. She is the one that had multiple affairs and there isn’t any excuse that will ever justify why she did it. Sorry this happened to you, man. The same thing happened to me about 2 years ago. I divorced her and never looked back. I felt numb for about a year and a half but I no longer feel that way anymore.

Sep 19

I am sorry about your wife's depression and how that is a factor in her affairs. Then the heartache that has given you. I hear you when you talk about giving up. But before you do - seek out wise counsel from a Pastor or counselor. They can pray with you over your decision - and maybe give you a fresh new perspective and some needed support. Also - you can look into attending a marriage seminar - like "Weekend to Remember". The seminar is Christian based and many couples have recommitted to their marriage afterwards. Be sure for God to lead your decision! Prayers for the best outcome possible! God Bless!


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