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I’m sad today and I don’t even know why. My therapist t

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I’m sad today and I don’t even know why. My therapist told me this week that she thinks that my obsession with the OW is really more about my own feelings of inadequacy. I’m sure she’s right. I just don’t really know what to do about it. I obsess over the OW to point out all the ways that I can’t compare. I’m not thin enough, not as pretty, not as whatever.... I’ve talked to my husband about and he keeps telling me that none of that is true. He tells me that he loves me and only me and that his Emotional Affair had nothing whatsoever to do with how he felt about me. He keeps saying he was just in a very dark place in life and made a bad decision. I actually believe him. His regret is VERY obvious. I even understand it on some level because of how disconnected we were at the time but it still makes me feel so inadequate. I punish myself with it every day and I don’t know how to stop.

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Apr 6

I’m so sorry. I know that had to have been so difficult for you. Have you told him how you feel? Tell him today. He needs to understand that and to understand how hard it is for you. It doesn’t have to be an argument but it needs to be said.

Apr 6

Same here. My husband told me he was in a dark place ,and I called BS on that. Just a cowardly way to explain why he did it. I can not grasp on as to why he felt he needed to go somewhere else. He’s been treated like a king ,during the whole time we’ve been together

Apr 6

I am disappointed with myself for staying.
Some days I'm good and sometimes it's like it just happen.
I feel so lost. I push my way through every day.
I believe and trust God but I think I am ready to let go. He says we will work on it he says he will fix it but has not seen anything. I know my kids heart will broke in to pieces so I think I want to wait tell the summer.
He will never understand because he never took the time to.
And girls just to make it clear it was another lady that he was dealing with that told me about him and the twins mom.
I need some help because I think I am going crazy even though to my kids I make it same like a normal mummy and nothing is going on with me.
For me to sleep I take sleeping pills and about 3 ounce of red wine.
Lol so stupid of me but some nights I need it .
It nums the pain.


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