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I’m new here. My husband and I have a rocky past. We split

I’m new here. My husband and I have a rocky past. We split 5 years ago and while supposed to be trying I found comfort in chat rooms. I met someone after he moved out when we separated. He manipulated me into believing a lot of things and I left town for a couple months. I came back and my husband and I got back together. We started over after a lot of interrogation and my doing whatever I needed to prove I loved him we renew our vows in a real wedding. Everything was great. That was 5 years ago. He had 2 emotional relationships behind my back since then. One I was 6 months pregnant I let it go. Mostly cuz I felt I deserved it. The second I let this girl stay with us for about 6 months. I did everything for her. She became my best friend. I did have some anxiety about it here and there as they work together. They were having a relationship again emotional almost the whole time. I just found out about it. My epilepsy has been flipped upside down. He has since told me he is severely depressed and has been since before he met me. I never knew. Now he’s actually showing it it’s a little over whelming and I can’t talk about him cheating withoitnot sending him into a complete breakdown. He won’t answer many questions and I have a lot right now. I’m broken and I have to hide it and be strong to help him thru his depression. He says it hurts so bad to see me sad that he leaves every night after our kids go to bed. And I’m all alone dealing with this. I don’t even know what to do or think or feel. I’m so broken I’m lost and confused and I don’t have anyone. I have to see her at his work wed. I havnt spoken to her since I found out I don’t even know how I’m going to sit in a room with her for an hour. I’m just so alone

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May 17

I feel for you. My heart hurts for you. You are going though this and don't seem to have much support. Can you get into counseling? Not only are you going though all this you sound so alone. Do you have a Friend or Family member you can turn too? You need to stop worrying about him and focus on you for a bit. It doesn't sound like he is taking much ownership in all of this. He needs to own up to his part. It takes two people in a relationship! You both have to find away to talk about things otherwise you will live like this forever. You and your husband need to learn how to communicate for your relationship and your family. It can be a tough long road but you both have to start by getting some help. do you think this is possible?

May 17

@Geo1976 I’m so happy for you and your wife. I know it was hard and you will never forget, but bravo to you two for being strong adults that can overcome anything! Cheers to your future together and your new marriage!!!

Almost.There's picture
May 17

If you think things will change they won't. Define what you are willing to live with. If it's not with him because of what he puts your through then it might be time to move on. What seems to be apparent is you two together are not a healthy match. just my opinion.


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