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Husband left for a week long business trip this morning. So

Husband left for a week long business trip this morning. So far I am ok, but it's only day 1. This is only the second time he has gone without me since DD. I struggled a lot when he went in May, but I flew out to join him on the weekend which helped. I plan to do the same this time. I'm doing better than last time, although my traumatized brain is already trying to test me. I shared my anxieties and gave all my "reminders" before he left. goal this week is to NOT give in to unwarranted suspicions and effectively manage the triggers. I am challenging myself to make it through the week without once asking him if he is being trustworthy, why it took him so long to answer the phone, who was he talking to , etc. None of that this week. I am going to just try to trust and relax and look forward to Friday. Wish me luck!!

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Oct 18

Good for you! Have a great weekend.

Oct 18

@Angie2002 YAY YOU!!! I am so happy to hear your husband is helping you feel safe..I love hearing success stories!

Oct 23

I completely understand where you are coming from! My husband is a trucker and he is out of town quite a bit. This week he is away and today is day one out of five. I felt pretty anxious for most of the day today but I tried to keep myself busy so that I wouldn’t text him every few hours. I was out for dinner with friends tonight when he texted me saying “goodnight“ and even said “I love you.” My anxiety instantly disappeared and I felt like I could breathe again! Day one is officially over. Only 4 more days to go!


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