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How long do I need to feel like crap? So, my husband had th

How long do I need to feel like crap? So, my husband had this emotional affair with a coworker that I found out about 9 months ago. It's been a roller coaster. He's her boss and told me he had stopped everything ...until I found a message from her in July calling him "baby" ...guess that's what you call your boss now?? I spoke to her husband and things changed after that...Since then it's been touch and go since he was still in the same workplace with her. He just started a new job this past Mon and says wants a fresh start. Friday was his last day and I found a picture of her and a card that said "it's been a year to this day and my life has been forever changed...Happy Anniversary, signed Boo. How in the world am I supposed to feel after I see and read this. He claims that card was from June and was because of his work anniversary. He's full of crap because he wasn't even there a year this past June. He just continues to play me for a fool. I'm so tired of trying with him, when he's not putting out the effort. I keep telling I'm finished with the relationship and he tells me he's not running into anyones arms...I don't know what to do. I have 2 younger girls and I don't want to break things up, but I can't be emotionally abused anymore. I was ever loyal and trusting and I want the same in return...but I know he cant give that to me anymore. Sorry just need to vent, because I'm at the end of my string.

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Dec 6

Thankyou all for your comments....It means alot to hear all of what you have to say. Just wish we all didn't have to deal with this!

Dec 6

@Scat I said that to him....he started a new job, so how long before he does it again...his answer, "it won't happen again." Also, when I ask him to tell me that he wants me or wants us, he says that I am putting pressure on him?? I think he's mentally removed himself from me and just here because he doesn't want to change his lifestyle.

Dec 7

@needsmiles, it's very unfair. I wish I knew the best course to navigate these things. It's so difficult. You deserve better. : (


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