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How do you react to "I look for other women because you don'

How do you react to "I look for other women because you don't attract me anymore" I don't even know what to feel

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May 13

He obviously is an idiot. Seriously. Find and do the things you love they make you feel great. It’s nice to hear, but we don’t NEED approval or validation. Sweetheart, don’t be afraid to eat alone. You being a lot to the table.

May 13

If someone does not want me I merely point them to the door and say don’t let it hit ya on your way out and it’s only a one way door so don’t think about coming back jack.

May 14

My father was one of these men, and growing up with him was a nightmare. He wasn't trustworthy, and he turned our home into a dangerous, chaotic pit.


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