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How do you get over your wife cheating? I just found out


How do you get over your wife cheating?

I just found out my wife has been talking to another man for a year..

Sending photos and videos of herself daily.

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Oct 22

@hap I hope you're right but I think he is happier without me. He has a woman now who is complete opposite me in every way. She is living the life with him that I had wanted. Still trying to accept everything.

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Oct 22

@Angie2002 I agree, I think it is about the cheater.

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Oct 23

@Barb4514 Acceptance can be a step in the right direction, but don't let it become an albatross around your neck that you carry for a lifetime. And please don't compare yourself to the other woman. That becomes self defeating. Yes you are hurting and that is normal considering what you have experienced. Getting counseling does help. And please remember this: a famous First Lady once said that "nobody can rob you of your dignity without your consent."


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