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Hi, well I guess I start with I'm new here I just wanted to

Hi, well I guess I start with I'm new here I just wanted to find a little suggestion on how to not to go crazy lol my high School sweetheart/ wife of 25 years for "no good reason" back in Aug 2018, Decided to have a Affair with a younger coworker who is also married. I Notice the changes that we have and our relationship. Like she was always mad and picking Fight with me And not intrested with me at the bedroom. This Went on for a year and I feel like she must hate me or something. So one day I just asked her. So I said how long you have a affair? I was just kidding at the time. But the joke was on me because she said 8 maybe 10 Months but we broke up because of the kids. Wow my heart stop. I didn't get mad or Yelling it was like I was in a Dream/nightmare I as her to tell me the truth But nothing but lies back in Forward finally telling me the truth over several days never a front about what happened but never the reason why. I want to give her a chance because I love her very much not just because of the kids. She said that never again and she Keep her distance from the guy. But almost 2 years later I was helping my brother buying a Refrigerator Where my wife Work at and I see her coming in to the store and her face was in shock I was Confuse why the reaction and I Notice to milkshakes Again I thought nothing of it She offer me one of the milkshake I said no thank you I have soda I ask whose the shake for she says for lady the ok cool I'm on my way out I said. But around 20 Minutes later I came back to get the refrigerator with my brother and lo and behold the guy walked out of the office with the exact milk shake that she had bought. So what now my sol is Dying. 25 years of my life Wasted. Sorry for Such a long post

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Jun 26

Welcome. The crazy comes with the trauma of finding out your SO is cheating on you. This is a great site to vent, get advice etc.

Jun 29

Hi are you doing bud?


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