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Hi. Very newly separated and feeling rawMy wife of 30 ye


Hi. Very newly separated and feeling raw

My wife of 30 years has been cheating on me on and off over the last 5 years. Every time I catch her she says it's the last. Caught her on Monday and told her to go. Then Tuesday asked what will she do and she said I'm going to him. So cleared the house Tuesday. Haven't slept for three days can't work. Just keep running stuff round my head. Cycling between love and hate. We are talking and she is letting me stay in the house with our adult sons. She even offered help with the bills. I just don't understand what she expects to gain. I can't understand how she hid this last time for more than six months. We had a normal sex life how could she do that knowing she wanted to be with him , who she says she hasn't slept with yet. I'm so angry and confused. I realise I'm better off without the lies as they have drivien me mad over the 5 years but I still love and want her. How do I move on.

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Mar 9

@MawUk glad to hear that. I think when you go through such a trauma sometimes you need help to address what is really going on with you mentally. Keep moving forward.

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Mar 9

@MawUk That's a really positive and healthy step to take. Hope it goes well.


@Mawuk Your post has over 200 comments, you have certainly hit a nerve in the group, we hope you continue to find support, but we are closing this post as it is getting rather large, please feel free to start a part 2. All the best-Team SG


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