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Hi everyone so i'v been dating this guy for the past 8years.

Hi everyone so i'v been dating this guy for the past 8years. His my high school sweetheart our relationship has been long distance since after high school so i found out he's cheating on me and I found this through social media and he confessed. Its not the first time his cheated on me in fact it's the second time I find him cheating with the same girl. like usual he swears it was a mistake and he will never do it again and what makes me so angry is that I believe him even when I know this is what he said even the last time i found him cheating and the worse thing Is I still love him his my first love. I cry myself to sleep every night. back when we were still in school I cheated on him with his best friend and although he says his forgiven me for that because he understands we were still kids and all that I doubt his actually forgiven me. every time he cheats I can't help but think his doing this because his still angry about what happened between me and his best friend but when I ask him he says it has nothing to do with that. we can't afford to see special councillors to help with this ongoing issue so that's why I ended up deciding to join this support group. he suggested we take a break but I'm afraid what if during this break he meets up with some other girl. I'm writting my exams in 2 weeks and I've never felt so depressed in my life at times I wish I could just die this being an adult thing is not nice...what should I do I'm crying out for help

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May 16

I think you should realize that after 8 years and cheating by both of you and not living in the same place maybe the universe is telling you, honey, this isn't the right relationship for you.


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