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Hi Everyone, I am new to this group and frankly new this t

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this group and frankly new this to whole online support thing. I am currently going through divorce number 2 after being cheated on multiple times in both of my marriages. I am currently working on learning to trust again. I have done a lot of soul searching and work on myself lately and have gotten over the "blaming myself" phase for this happening to me ... again! Although that was hard work to learn and really accept that it wasn't because there was something wrong with me, that it was them who had the problems, I am struggling with being able to trust people again. I am wondering if anyone out there has found any good resources (books, websites, video, podcasts....anything) that may help me in my quest to truly heal and learn to be able to trust others again. I did go through a stage of anger and feeling done with all relationships, but after working through that I found that I really do want a partner to spend my life with and I want to be able to trust that person and not bring this "baggage" into a new relationship.
Any suggestions, resources, or even things that you all have found to help you learn to trust again would be greatly appreciated!

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Aug 15

@ClintFlowers Yes, she has a podcast but Tara Brach is also an author and you can find her lectures on YouTube. I think one of her most powerful (and difficult to swallow) concepts is one of "radical acceptance" and giving up the need to blame - even when blame is justified.

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Aug 15

I definitely need to check that out, because that is something I struggle with. Thank you so much for pointing me in her direction! I have checked over her website and I am excited to dive into the material.

Aug 17

@heatherfeather517, its never easy to get past of being mistreated. I'm sorry that you are going thru this hard season. I encourage you to look within yourself, to find your strengths. Focus on those strengths and believe in yourself. know that you are valuable. Find the things that you like, people,, places and things. surround yourself with positivity. Take control of your thoughts. when a negative thought tries to overwhelm you, tell it "not today" or "watch out, I am a new person and I don't allow you this time". Hope these help you.


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