Hi. Are is there anyone here who HAD the affair and now try

Hi. Are is there anyone here who HAD the affair and now trying to move past?

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3 hours ago

My current wife - #4 - had an affair about 42 years ago while we were married to different people. She got pregnant, said it was mine. Seven years ago we connected again and married. Her daughter doesn't look like me but neither does she look like my wife. Now daughter has two kids which we baby sit often. She knows nothing about her mother/my affair and her daughters call me "grandpa" but the youngest explained to me in all seriousness that "you're not really our Grandpa, even though we call you that." The whole situation sorta scatters my chickens, so to speak.

3 hours ago

actually they all knew he was married. He swears he never took his ring off. we have had 3 therapists say he was reenacting the abuse that was done to him as a kid. He sais he never "enjoyed" it, but he did it many, many times. Probably more then I will ever know. It is the continued lies that I probably will never be able to forgive. I know there were at least a few that he saw on a regular basis while I was at work. He still doesn't understand how dangerous this was. He didn't always use protection. He would also go into the woods to do it, and into strangers homes. Any one of these freaks could have killed him, and we (me and the kids) would never know what happened to him.

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2 hours ago

Sure. And he apologized before you itemized every thing you thought he was doing wrong.


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