Hi. Are is there anyone here who HAD the affair and now try

Hi. Are is there anyone here who HAD the affair and now trying to move past?

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Mar 25

Then it I would offer is this. When you truly analyze it, all sin is caused from selfishness. You said, things were missing, that in itself is a statement of selfishness, because it's an I want or I need statement. I mean this in the kindest way, not to attack.

It's been my experience that once this fact sinks it, you can finally deal with it in your own heart. Love is selflessness. Every selfish act is lacking in loving, verb, you spouse. How do you cop with the guilt, how do you keep from sinning again. Give your guilt to God and start acting selflessly.

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Mar 25

@Sdiamond1026 It's scary what they do!!! Our baby daughter acted out like your wife. It was one of the factors in my H affair. It's all lucidious!!! I took an art therapy class today on zentangles. I honestly wish they'd think before they act.

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Mar 25

Yeah, it's like they lost all sense of right and wrong along with common sense.


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