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Hi all, found that my wife of 9 years (12 together) slept wi

Hi all, found that my wife of 9 years (12 together) slept with another man while away on a work trip. I had my suspicions for the last few months, and had been keeping an eye on things but found an email she was going to send to him after coming home where she was planning more. The worst bit is that the email (which she didn't send and deleted before I found it) wasn't to the guy at her work that I thought she was having the affair with, but another guy she claims was just a drunken, reckless moment of weakness.

I'm really struggling with all of this. She has said she will do anything to repair the damage and not have me end the marriage, including passwords and access to everything.

What do I do?

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devastatedinptbo's picture
May 17

So sorry she continued to betray and hurt you. You definitely deserve better. As Johnyun said, it’s likely this will all come back on your ex. She’s a cheater, she’s seeing a cheater... stats show this typically does not end well. Here’s hoping for better days to come for you!

hap's picture
May 19

Ask yourself how much pain you are willing to have as a part of your life and how long do want to feel this way?

FaithfulFather's picture
May 20

My heart literally broke when I saw your update -

I'm sorry this happened to you - no one can say you didn't try - you're a better man because of it.
one foot in front of the other - take it one day at a time - you're going to be ok - keep moving forward.
Sending strength and prayers your way.


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