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Hey guys. I guess I'm here venting again. I dont know if I s

Hey guys. I guess I'm here venting again. I dont know if I should stay. I dont feel like he is trying. I dont want to give up but so much is in my head now. Maybe he wants to leave and be with the ow. Which he denies, maybe he doesn't love me. Who knows

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Ellen4550's picture
Sep 12

@msmunoz Please don’t think me rude by saying this because I have been in your same shoes...your husband had an affair..he has really already left..that is why trying to fix the mess is so hard...

outoftheblue72's picture
Sep 12

@msmunoz But don't you want him to be with you because he really wants to be? I agree with @TDT, separation might be a good idea. Who knows you might even feel differently without him?

Sep 12

Do what you feel is right in your heart? Don't let your h influence your decision? Be around people who can give you unbiased advice so you can make a decision without emotions.


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