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Hello I want to share my story in hopes I am not the only on

Hello I want to share my story in hopes I am not the only one. I was married in april and went on an 8 day honeymoon to a beautiful destination. I had to immediately fly to another state for work from my honeymoon for 5 days so my husband and I parted at the airport. He was going to work overtime while I was gone. He regularly worked overnight at least once every 2.5-3 weeks. When i got back on 5/1 he told me his work international trip came up and he was leaving from 5/20-5/24. I didn't ask for an internary he takes this trip every year to different countries. On 5/30 a woman contacted me that she was with him the same place we had out honeymoon three weeks prior and he was not on a work trip. She had been dating him 3 years. History:
I met him in 7/15 her in 6/15. We were rocky in the beginning I mostly ran because I was not ready. He attempted to move in in 9/16 and between 9/16-2/17 he moved out at least once a month with every little argument. He said he was staying with a roommate that he had during his first divorce. I was finally fed up in early 2017 and he proposed. from what I gather the overtime was not being worked. He was seeing her once every 2-3 weeks in 2017 - i found out. Before that he would go to her house when he would leave mine. H got off the plane to our honeymoon and stayed 2 of the 5 days I was working with her. She attempted suicide twice and threatened his government job if he left her his excuse is that he would see her to keep her at bay hoping she would get tired and he would not ge caught. his plan was not working so he wanted to give her a vacation she always asked for and never see her again. Ill never know he got caught days later. Now she is harassing me on social media she requested all my freinds and family and created a fake page with pictures of them two throughout the years. I feel so embarrassed and humiliated! The man I married was never faithful to me more that three weeks.

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Jul 16

@Marathemoabite We have been working on a reconciliation. I truly believe god brought this to my attention after I married him for a reason. Had I found out before I would not have married him and he would never have seen me again. I have day I am hopeful we will be better and stronger and days where I am angry and cant see staying married to him. I am 43 and I dont want to waste anymore time on something wrong but then again he is my husband now and I feel like I love him enough to try. I am just so confused!

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Jul 16

@devastated18 that is the process of this trauma

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Jul 16

Yea definitely get where you’re coming from. I’ll be praying for your journey to end in peace and happiness.


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