Hello I still get very angry at the fact my wife had an em

I still get very angry at the fact my wife had an emotional affair for Six months last year and had planned to meet up and have sex with the man. (Graphic chats and photos)
I don’t think I am going to ever getting over it.
I know he has started texting her again but she doesn’t reply to him , yet she has never told me he is texting her , which of course was the deal with us getting back together.
Anyway I have decided to leave her for good this time , is it valid to still use the affair as one of the reasons why after a year?
I feel like I should’ve got over it by now.

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May 4

Sorry you have found yourself here. There is no timeline for "getting over it ". Its been over 3 years for myself and even though things are much better every once in awhile all that I went through creeps back in for a second. Its horrible what infidelity does to the betrayed.

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May 4

I too am sorry for what happened to you, bro. There's no dictionary that says whether it is valid or not. You have been betrayed, blindsided, and what is valid to you is valid to you. You will know if you have gotten over it but timelines are different for each person. All you can do is try your best to heal, do not worry about whether other people have gotten over it after a certain period. Just take it slow, one day at a time, my friend.


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